25 2024

16th Biennial Educators Conference

7:30AM - 5:30PM  

Educators' tour at the Virginia Holocaust Museum

Contact Elka Mednick
Director, Holocaust Commission of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater

As educators, we have a profound responsibility to teach difficult topics like the Holocaust with sensitivity, accuracy, and impact. At this powerful two-day conference, you'll gain invaluable tools for addressing antisemitism, bigotry, and genocide in your classroom.

Through expert panels, workshops, and seminars, you'll explore the deep roots of antisemitism throughout history. You'll learn how to build a classroom environment of respect, safety, and open dialogue for all students. Critically, you'll receive resources for teaching these weighty subjects effectively while nurturing empathy and understanding.

The Holocaust stands as a tragic example of the consequences of hatred left unchecked. By deepening your knowledge, you can inspire the next generation to reject prejudice and become upstanders for human rights. Don't miss this transformative professional development opportunity.

Join us in July as we honor the past, confront harsh realities, and empower young minds to create a more just future.