Every day is a special day at Camp JCC!




Open to children of all faiths and backgrounds, Camp JCC Tidewater creates a safe space for campers and staff to learn and grow through building relationships with each other, engaging in fun and meaningful programming, and embracing old and new camp traditions infused with Jewish culture. 


As a traditional day camp, Camp JCC provides children in kindergarten through eighth grade experiences that prepare them for life’s journeys through connections, values, friendships, growth and fun.





Our Camp Values


Simcha, or Joy, is central to everything we do at Camp JCC. We start each morning with all campers and counselors coming together for a Boker Tov (good morning) circle for camp cheers, songs, and silly activities to get our campers laughing.



Chaverut, or Friendship, sits at the core of our camp community. We encourage our campers to treat one another with respect, empathy, and compassion. Whether working together to solve a puzzle, cheering each other on during a game, or preparing for the lip sync battle, our campers learn to collaborate and build lasting friendships.


Ometz Lev, or Courage, is another value we emphasize at Camp JCC. Every person has the potential to grow, and we provide our campers with the tools and opportunities to do so. From group activities to individual challenges, our campers try new things and have the chance to practice courage every day.


Arvut, or Community-Mindedness, is a central aspect of our camp culture. We recognize and honor the diversity of individual identities and traditions and foster a sense of belonging and connection among our campers. Through shared experiences like Shabbat celebrations and dance parties, our campers (Jewish or not) enjoy the richness and vibrancy of Jewish culture.


Achrayut, or Responsibility, is a key value we instill in our campers. We encourage them to take ownership of their actions, to be accountable to themselves and others, and to use their skills and talents to contribute to the community. Whether it's cleaning up after a meal, leading a group activity, or supporting a fellow camper, our campers learn to be responsible and dependable individuals.


Khilah, or Diversity and Inclusiveness, is another core value we embrace at Camp JCC. We celebrate each camper's unique identities and perspectives, and we strive to create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive for all. Our campers develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for diversity through open dialogue and experiential learning.







Contact Dave Flagler, Director of Camp and Teen Engagement, at DFlagler@UJFT.org or (757) 452-3182.