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Camp JCC prides itself on having a diverse camp community where campers & staff of various backgrounds, beliefs, identities, and needs can come together in one safe space to have a summer of fun and growth. Our staff understands the importance of a child’s mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical health and place these needs first.





Camper Care: 


Working directly with campers, their counselors, and in coordination with their families, our Camper Care team is here to guide, support, and remove barriers to participation so that participants can experience Camp JCC to the best of their ability. Camper Care focuses on addressing campers’ mental, emotional, social and spiritual health (MESSH) needs as well as scaffolding, coaching, and reinforcing positive peer behaviors. To successfully accomplish this goal, Camp JCC asks and expects families to be a partner in helping us understand and appreciate their camper's unique whole self. 


Boundary Behaviors: 

While we strive to provide the best support and care that we can, these are the boundary behaviors that are prohibited in order to ensure the mental, emotional, social, spiritual, & physical safety of all campers attending Camp JCC: 

  • Eloping (running away) 
  • Non-independent bathroom support (according to developmental stage). 
  • Non-independent feeding/eating support 
  • Physical aggression 
  • Additional behaviors that require the support of a one-on-one (see below) at the discretion of the Camp Director and Camper Care team and in conjunction with families.  


One-on-One Supports 

Camp JCC does not provide one-on-one support. If your child already has a one on one support or works with an ABA therapist, please contact Camp JCC Director Dave Flagler so that the proper arrangements can be made.  

For more information regarding Camper Care, accommodations available, and/or to consult regarding your child’s needs, please contact Camp JCC Director Dave Flagler.  



Camp JCC is committed to supporting our LGBTQ+ campers, staff, and families. Camp JCC acknowledges that the needs of transgender and gender-expansive participants are unique and should be treated individually and in consultation with the participant.  

  • Camp JCC will honor pronouns requested by campers and staff and we will help other campers and staff learn the importance of doing the same. 
  • If a camper is transgender, staff will only know a camper’s expressed gender identity and will not be informed of the camper’s gender assigned at birth, unless there is a need to know. Camp JCC will work with the camper and their guardian(s) to determine what information, if any, should be shared with staff. 
  • Camp JCC ensures the confidential status of a camper and a staff member’s gender status in accordance with applicable state, local, and federal privacy laws and will not disclose this private information. This means that we will not share a camper’s nor staff member’s gender status with other campers or their guardians. 
  • If a camper begins exploring their gender identity while at camp, such as by using a pronoun or name that differs from their application name, Camp JCC will not notify parents or guardians without consent from the camper. 



Contact Dave Flagler, Director of Camp and Teen Engagement, at DFlagler@UJFT.org or (757) 452-3182.