5 2024

Beyond Borders: Post 1967 into the 21st Century

6:45PM - 8:15PM  

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Delve into the complexities of the past half-century of the Arab-Israeli conflict, from the War of Attrition, that began post-1967, to present tensions. Analyzing newspaper articles, speeches, poems, photographs, and maps, we will trace the more recent history of this entrenched struggle. How did we get from 1973’s Yom Kippur War to the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty? What was the value of the Oslo Accords? What has been the impact of more contemporary peace attempts? Together, we’ll leap into these complex topics, probing why a lasting peace between Israel and the Arab world has been so elusive and what developments might be next.

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Table of Contents

Lesson 1 - The War of Attrition

Lesson 2 - The Yom Kippur War

Lesson 3 - Peace with Egypt

Lesson 4 - Hoping for Peace, Preparing for Conflict

Lesson 5 - Intifada

Lesson 6 - The Price for Peace

Lesson 7 - From Peace Talk to Peace Talk

Lesson 8 - Shattered Dreams

Lesson 9 - Mounting Tensions

Lesson 10 - From Narratives to Solutions


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Sponsor: Konikoff Center for Learning of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater